Web Designing 3: How To Save A HTML Document

If you have been following this tutorial, then it’s time to learn how to save all the html documents you have designed in web designing 2, it could be disappointing not to know how to save the documents you have spent time to design or not saving it accordingly, God will help us through this tutorial for thorough explanation and understanding. Web designing is very simple immediately you get the fundamental keys to the development.
How to save a .html file or documents 

1. Always save your documents with a .htm or html extension to display them in your web browser (e.g. index.html) by clicking on file>>>”save as” A dialog box will appear where you now input the File name as a domanto.html, please understand this, whatever you want to name your file, input and continue with .html just like I would like to name this page webtutorial.html and more importantly, below the file name, you see “Save as type” here, click inside the box and select “all” this is very important, more on this later.

2. To edit your source document, select the “View” option on your toolbar in the browser window and select “Source” or just press  “Ctrl-U” and the source page will appear in a new tab though this does not work in all the web browsers. If that is the case, then open your saved .html document with your notepad or whichever one you used to create the document and edit whatever you would like to and just press “Ctrl-S” and it will be saved automatically.

3. Once again, don’t forget to save every change made to your document at any time.
4. To view the modifications made to the document in the browser window, refresh the page by using the F5 key.
Assignment: Repeat this whole process 20 times to discover more things on your own

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