[Web Designing 1] How To Design A Simple Website

You are lucky today if you have ever had interest in learning how web pages are created. I’ve decided to leash out most things you need to know about web designing, it is also called web developing. 

I ventured into web developing few years ago. It’s actually a skill than is not limited to the webmasters alone though a starting point for any ICT compliant. I had some contracts this December to build simple website for people and churches though I could not meet up with them since I’m a phone engineer and a part time blogger. I saw how this market will be sky rocketing in nearby future and decided to take you by the hand this few remaining days of the year to teach you practically the A B C of web designing and I believe you will be glad to get this practical training  here. Now let’s begin!
How Do I Start Designing A Website?Fundamentally, any basic website can be designed by using HyperText Markup Language (HTML). The scripts can be written in Notepad or a text document depending on the operating system your computer is using.

Actually the very basic tool for creating any website start with the use of HTML tags and HTML elements. Please take note! What did I say? The basic tool for creating any website start with the use of HTMLtags and HTML elements. HTML tags are often used to pass on information about the unit of the content and HTML elements are used as format tool for the webpage. While coding, the HTML attributes and values are used to provide information like placement, height etc. for the content. In addition to these, one can use color tags, picture tags and HTML division tags to create a vivid webpage. This will be easier done than said immediately you get the full gist of what I want to put across to you.

Do they sound strange to you? I expect that and that is why I’m going to take it bit by bit until you get familiar with the whole concept and I also advice you save the pages or write some things down on a paper to help you practice as much as possible. When creating a website, many people often choose to get a web designer for help. However, there are simple ways to learn how to make a basic website yourself and they will be explained comprehensively as you keep visiting this page.
I will get back to you in Web Designing 2, we will consider HTML in details and full introduction will be made toward making you a web designer, listen! Always visit this page to get this training free of charge as people including me paid heavily to get a tip of what web designing is all about and then, I had to develop on my own.

Before I finally drop my pen, remember HTML tags and HTML elements. My first assignment is this: What are the uses or functions of HTML tags and HTML elements in web developing?
ANSWER: Line three of paragraph four

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