Learn How To Update Your Facebook And Twitter Status Via Blackberry, Ipad, Iphone, PS3, Foursquare, etc With Any Phone

I want to sell my new android phone to buy blackberry so that I will post via Blackberry. This was a complaint of one of my friends that wanted to sell his newly bought android phone at a very give away prize but on getting this new discovery, he relaxed back and updated his facebook and twitter status frequently with different high end user of most PDA’s (I.e PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANCE)
This is exactly what we are talking about; using the site below, it is possible to post on friends wall or update status on your timeline with say Nokia C1, C2, C3, C5, E-series and the host of other phones in this category, your friends will see your post as via Blackberry, Ipad, Iphone, or any end user Pda’s.
Steps To Post Via “ Blackberry, Ipad, Iphone, etc

  • Login into your facebook or twitter account 
  • Visit Statusvia2.com that was formally statusvia.org

This is the actual website that you visit to update your facebook and twitter status with other devices, you can use it to post on a friend’s timeline..You are not required to login with any details, or less you wish to sign up with them.

  • What to do is very simple, just choose which device you you want to update with, i.e when people see your post, it will be seen as via “…

As the time of posting this, you can update your status via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, T-Mobile Sidekick, Windows Phone, Canon EOS 50D, PlayStation 3, Foursquare, selective tweets, and many more.

  • Finally, after selecting the device, a new page will come up for you to type your message

 (Please note, you need to be signed into your fb account before commencing), and click share.

  • Now, visit your fb profile timeline and you will see the message you just updated alongside the device you used.

You can give it a try now by just typing, “Read On domanto’s blog” *smiles.We use the same method in updating your twitter account status via tweet.
Very soon, I will still update this post by showing us how to update our facebook or tweet status and it will display via “any name of your choice”
‘Hi, guess you enjoy this’? Wouldn’t it be cool too that this information came to you via domanto.com?

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